• Dr. Peter Gasser, Solothurn, CH© Friedel Ammann - Basel

Peter Gasser dreams of further research with group settings

31 March 2015|Comments Off

The first LSD study on human subjects of the new era of psychedelic research was conducted in Switzerland by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Peter Gasser. In this interview, Dr. Gasser reflects on the methodology and findings of the study and on future […]

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Second part of special issue compiled by OPEN published

23 February 2015|Comments Off

At the end of last month we published the first part of a special issue on the beneficial effects of psychedelics in the treatment of addiction of the scientific journal CDAR. Now, the second part […]

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Special issue compiled by OPEN published in scientific journal

31 January 2015|Comments Off

The OPEN Foundation is proud to announce that we compiled two special issues of the journal CDAR (Current Drug Abuse Reviews). The title of the Special Issues is ‘Beneficial Effects of Psychedelics with a Special […]