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Matthew Johnson: “Psychedelic therapy may become available in a decade”

7 January 2015|Comments Off

Matthew Johnson is part of the team at the Johns Hopkins University that conducts research with psilocybin in a growing number of areas, ranging from mystical experiences to the treatment of end-of-life anxiety and addictions. […]

  • Mystical2

The potential religious relevance of entheogens

30 October 2014|Comments Off

At least since William James, scholars of religion have wondered if mystical experiences induced by means of chemical substances are similar or identical to, and have the same value as, naturally occurring ones. Lengthy debates […]

  • iboga508

Ibogaine: useful in treating addiction to non-opioids?

29 October 2014|Comments Off

It has been known for some time that ibogaine can probably help in the treatment of drug addiction. But up until now researchers focused primarily on the addiction to opioids like heroin and morphine. A […]