[Interview] Alicia Danforth: Helping autistic adults navigate the social world with MDMA-assisted therapy

Research with autistic children and teens was a promising and controversial research area during the first wave of research with psychedelic substances. The first investigator to [...]

[Interview] Nicolas Langlitz: An Anthropologist in Psychedelia

‘Neuropsychedelia: The Revival of Hallucinogen Research since the Decade of the Brain’, Nicolas Langlitz’s 2013 book on the resurgence of psychedelics research, offers a fascinating analysis of how psychedelics have once again become the object […]

[Interview] Jordi Riba looks back on more than fifteen years of ayahuasca research

The research conducted by Jordi Riba, a Spanish pharmacologist working at Sant Pau hospital in Barcelona, revolves mostly around ayahuasca. He has a background in botany, chemistry, pharmacology and neuroscience. In an interview with the […]

[Interview] Bill Richards: “The ideal treatment includes some kind of mystical transcendence”

Bill (William A.) Richards is a clinical psychologist in the Psychiatry Department at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he has pursued research with psychedelics during the past sixteen years, including his current studies […]

[Interview] Phil Wolfson deems MDMA, ketamine and psychedelics “not terribly different”

Philip E. Wolfson is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist who used MDMA legally in his practice in the 1980’s. A founding member of Stanislav and Christina Grof’s Spiritual Emergence Network and of the Heffter Research Institute, he […]

[Interview] Felix Hasler: “What’s missing is a holistic view on the psyche”

As a psychopharmacologist, Felix Hasler has studied the pharmacology of psilocybin over a decade together with Franz Vollenweider at the University of Zürich. A short time later he published his book “Neuromythology”, in which he argues against the current hype [...]

[Interview] Michael Bogenschutz likens psilocybin treatment to ‘reverse PTSD’

Addiction psychologist Michael P. Bogenschutz currently works at the Department of Psychiatry at NYU. Much of Bogenschutz’s work has involved searching for new applications of existing treatments for addictions. The OPEN Foundation talked to him to learn more […]

[Interview] Peter Gasser dreams of further research with group settings

The first LSD study on human subjects of the new era of psychedelic research was conducted in Switzerland by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Peter Gasser. In this interview, Dr. Gasser reflects on the methodology and findings of the study and on future […]

[Interview] Matthew Johnson: “Psychedelic therapy may become available in a decade”

Matthew Johnson is part of the team at the Johns Hopkins University that conducts research with psilocybin in a growing number of areas, ranging from mystical experiences to the treatment of end-of-life anxiety and addictions. […]