Since 2007, OPEN has been at the forefront of psychedelic research, consistently promoting rigorous, ethical, interdisciplinary research, and bringing together different stakeholders from academic, clinical, and policy backgrounds, as we believe in collaboration above all.
We emphasize the importance of scientific evidence and existing therapeutic best practices to optimize the safety and benefits of psychedelics, and minimize risks. We also believe that an emphasis on scientific research should not be at odds with the multiplicity of non-medical approaches, whether traditional or modern, religious, spiritual or secular. OPEN is dedicated to ensuring that advances in psychedelic research contribute to a greater common good. Psychedelics offer potentially effective and novel treatments of mental health issues, but can also be valuable to others. OPEN is a proponent of the intelligent and scientifically informed integration of psychedelics into health care and society in a way that is sustainable, safe, responsible, ethical, and that improves well-being.
A large group of dedicated volunteers has contributed to this cause and has spent countless hours organizing events, building a community, adding articles to our scientific literature database, editing journals, interviewing leading experts, and organizing events.
You can now join our Friends of OPEN Membership program! By becoming a member, you can support our initiatives, and help us grow our organization. For only €45 per year you get:
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