Recently, MAPS officially launched an Indiegogo campaign to help complete their crucial study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). OPEN supports MAPS in their efforts to raise both funds and awareness. Money is needed to progress vital research on these substances, while increasing awareness on the human and economic costs of PTSD can show that viable alternatives exist that can transform the lives of PTSD-sufferers.

The first published studies have shown that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy can be an effective treatment for people who did not respond to conventional therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder. MAPS’ studies are supported by the US government; their ongoing study in military veterans, firefighters, and police officers is halfway complete, and early results are promising. For some recent articles on MDMA-assisted PTSD-treatment, see here, here and here.

Donations will help pay the costs of conducting our ongoing clinical trial, a critical part of our international research program to develop MDMA-assisted psychotherapy into a prescription treatment for PTSD. Visit the Indiegogo page here,

A video-interview with one of the first subjects can be watched here: