badtripsgraphic508The Psilocybin Research Team at Johns Hopkins needs your help! To study the complex, and often challenging experiences usually referred to as ´bad trips´, the Psilocybin Research Team is conducting an anonymous, web-based survey into this very phenomena. If you’ve ever had such an experience, they would greatly appreciate it if you participate. Also if you know anyone that has had such an experience and would be interested in participating, don’t hesitate to pass on the link.

Please participate and share:

BACKGROUND: As you may remember, last year we conducted an internet survey characterizing challenging experiences (so called “ bad trips”) after taking psilocybin. The results of that survey have been quite interesting and will result in two or more publications. As part of the analysis of data from that survey, we have developed a second version of the survey that should permit the final development of a psychometrically rigorous Challenging Effect Questionnaire that we hope will make a significant contribution to the scientific understanding of psilocybin. This work complements our published and ongoing work validating a questionnaire assessing psilocybin occasioned mystical experiences.