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Can MDMA help to treat addiction? Q&A with Ben Sessa

Until now, MDMA has mostly been studied in the context of treating PTSD and helping with autism. Psychiatrist Ben Sessa is now conducting the world’s first clinical study using MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to treat alcohol addiction, [...]

4 March 2020|

Meet ICPR 2020 Keynote Speaker, Wade Davis

We are pleased to announce that acclaimed anthropologist, ethnobotanist, best-selling author, and photographer, Wade Davis, will be presenting as a keynote speaker at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 2020. Wade Davis is well-known for [...]

25 December 2019|

Lecture: Michael Pollan on psychedelics

On December 10th, OPEN invites best-selling author Michael Pollan to discuss his recent book on psychedelics, and the implications of the latest scientific findings for therapy, our understanding of the brain and consciousness [...]

9 November 2018|