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Lecture: Michael Pollan on psychedelics

On December 10th, OPEN invites best-selling author Michael Pollan to discuss his recent book on psychedelics, and the implications of the latest scientific findings for therapy, our understanding of the brain and consciousness [...]

9 November 2018|

European Psilocybin Seminar at Tyringham Hall

In June 2017, a two-day seminar on psilocybin for European therapists and researchers took place at Tyringham Hall, in the UK, organised by OPEN and UK mental health company [...]

15 July 2017|

Online survey – have you tried psychedelics & why?

Researchers at the University of Maastricht are studying people's motivations for taking psychedelic drugs. They are looking for participants who want to share their experiences. You can find the survey here. Below is a description [...]

24 May 2017|