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The OPEN Foundation in Vrij Nederland magazine

In an article about the relentless rise of psychedelic research, the latest issue of Vrij Nederland magazine (December 12, 2015) extensively mentions The OPEN Foundation. In her article entitled “Tripping on prescription”, journalist Freke Vuijst [...]

17 December 2015|

The Serotonin Infatuation

Much like the Holy Grail symbolised well-being, infinite wealth, and abundance of food in Arthurian literature, today the infamous neurotransmitter, serotonin, is linked with mood, attention, hunger and more (Young & Leyton, 2002; Wingen, et [...]

2 December 2015|

Psychedelic medicine: a re-emerging therapeutic paradigm

In a recent article, Tupper et al. (2015) [1] investigate the new and re-emerging therapeutic paradigm involving psychedelic substances for treating mental health conditions. Recent studies with patient populations are reviewed and thoughts on how [...]

4 November 2015|