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Beyond Psychedelics Conference in Prague

In two weeks "Beyond Psychedelics" will take place in Prague. Beyond Psychedelics is the first global multidisciplinary forum on psychedelics in the Czech Republic, the country with a longstanding history of psychedelic research […]

16 September 2016|

Breaking Convention 2015: Looking back (and forward)

Psychedelic researchers gathered from all over the world to present their findings at the third biannual Breaking Convention conference (BC). The conference took place at Greenwich College in London between 10 and 12 July and [...]

30 September 2015|

Neurons to Nirvana screening – June 23rd in Amsterdam

Neurons to Nirvana rationally explores the valuable addition of psychedelics to therapeutic practices and tells us the story of scientists on their quest for transformation, mental health, creativity and spiritual enhancement […]

12 June 2015|

World Ayahuasca Conference 2014

Over the last decade, global interest in ayahuasca has skyrocketed. Known as “the great medicine” in South America, ayahuasca remained hidden in the thick of the Amazonian jungles for eons until its “recent” discovery by [...]

17 April 2014|

Lecture VU Amsterdam: Psychedelica als medicijn?

OPEN organizes a lecture about the potential medicinal and therapeutic values of psychedelic substances at the VU University on Monday February 3rd. Can ibogaine or other substances help to get rid of an addiction or [...]

23 January 2014|