The potential religious relevance of entheogens

At least since William James, scholars of religion have wondered if mystical experiences induced by means of chemical substances are similar or identical to, and have the same value as, naturally occurring ones. Lengthy debates [...]

30 October 2014|

Online questionnaire about the use of Salvia

Did you ever use Salvia divinorum? Researchers at Harvard University are eager to know what you experienced. In a completely anonymous online questionnaire you will be asked questions about your use, experiences, and some personality [...]

20 October 2014|

Special issue about psychedelics in ‘The Psychologist’

The British Psychological Association recently published a special issue of their accompanying journal The Psychologist (September 2014, vol. 27) devoted to the rising popularity of research into psychedelics. This is the first time such a [...]

29 September 2014|

Psilocybin against tobacco addiction

A positive treatment perspective for one of the current most persistent and deadliest addictions [1] comes from a psilocybin-assisted smoking cessation study carried out at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Maryland, USA [...]

22 September 2014|

Johns Hopkins “Bad Trip” Survey

The Psilocybin Research Team at Johns Hopkins needs your help! To study the complex, and often challenging experiences usually referred to as ´bad trips´, the Psilocybin Research Team is conducting an anonymous, web-based survey into [...]

18 September 2014|

PTSD and MDMA in the ‘picture’

With an upcoming fMRI study in the United Kingdom, an attempt is being made to outline the neurobiological mechanisms that are hypothesized to underlie the favorable outcome of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) […]

30 August 2014|

Psychedelic Research 2.0 – Part 1

After a 20 year study-shutdown on psychedelics, a second wave of interest in the nature and applications of these compounds has engulfed the international research community and rendered a wealth of studies. To help you [...]

29 July 2014|