motives maastrichtResearchers at the University of Maastricht are studying people’s motivations for taking psychedelic drugs. They are looking for participants who want to share their experiences. You can find the survey here. Below is a description submitted by the researchers.

Many people use psychedelics for numerous reasons. We want to learn more about these reasons and we would therefore like to hear from users why they use or have used psychedelics. Questions are related to your drug use history, family history of mental disorders, your physical and mental well-being, and your personality. At the end of the questionnaire you will have room to add additional comments.

All entered data will be processed anonymously and confidentially.  This means that any information you give us can in no way be traced back to you.

Completing this survey takes about 30 minutes, depending on your speed. You can at any time stop the survey.

There are no direct benefits or risks in participating in this research.  Indirect benefits include an increase in scientific understanding of the effects of psychedelics.  If desired, after the investigation we can keep you informed about the results of the study.

This research is ethically reviewed and approved by the Ethical Committee of Psychology and Neuroscience (ERCPN), Maastricht University.   In case you decide to fill out the questionnaire, we ask that you take the questions seriously so that science can benefit from your experience with psychedelics.

In case you have additional questions after reading this information you can always contact one of the researchers by mail: or