♦  Joost Breeksema – Executive Director

♦  Herman Kalter – Financial Controller

♦  Viyan Bedawi – Project Coordinator



♦  Dorien Tatalas – Chair

♦  Erwin Krediet – Vice-chair and treasurer

♦  Pieter Stokkink –  Secretary


Scientific Advisory Panel

♦  Prof. col. dr. Eric Vermetten, PhD – Professor Medical-Biological and Psychiatric Aspects of Psychotrauma, LUMC/University of Leiden, the Netherlands

♦  Em. prof. dr. Wim van den Brink, MD – Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction, Amsterdam Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

♦  Prof. dr. Torsten Passie, MD, MAProfessor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Hannover Medical School, Germany

♦  Prof. dr. Wouter Hanegraaff, PhDProfessor of History of Hermetic Philosophy and related currents at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

♦  Mendel Kaelen, PhD – Post-doctoral neuroscientist at Imperial College London, United Kingdom

♦  Riëtte Mellink, PsyD – Senior psychotherapist specialized in PTSD treatment, at IVP / Arq Psychotrauma Group, the Netherlands