Board of directors

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The board of directors of the OPEN Foundation consists of the following individuals:

♦  Joost Breeksema (1982): President. MA in Philosophy. Works as a project leader for Mainline, an organization dedicated to promoting harm reduction techniques.

♦  Dorien Tatalas (1983): Founder. MSc in Medical Anthropology and Sociology. Works as a residential counselor for people with a psychiatric background.

♦  Erwin Krediet (1984): Vice president and secretary. MSc in Clinical Psychology.

♦  Raoul Koning (1977): Treasurer. MSc in Clinical Psychology. Works for the Trimbos Institute at the Drug Information Monitoring System (DIMS).

♦  Mendel Kaelen (1986): General board member. MSc in Neuroscience. Studies the neurological mechanisms of psychedelics and MDMA as a PhD candidate at Imperial College London.

♦  Pieter Stokkink (1981): General board member. MA in Philosophy.