Vacancies 2019-01-15T10:03:34+00:00

One open (external) vacancy:

1) For upcoming European trials in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy (MAP) for the treatment of PTSD, we are looking for independent raters that are proficient in both Dutch and English. Independent raters are professionals that take structured interviews with patients to assess PTSD-related symptoms in patients.

If you are motivated to become involved the field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, (in training to become) a clinical psychologist or medical doctor, and have excellent command of both English and Dutch, please consider applying. Submit your motivation and CV in English to MPBC by email. For more information, please see the vacancy text [in Dutch].

At the moment we have no open vacancies for internships at OPEN. If you would like to contribute, please keep an eye on this page, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook to get informed when new vacancies open up.