After the recent published study on psychedelic substances and mental health, researchers are looking to explore this relation more deeply. The main aim of the survey is to gain novel insight towards un-noted benefits (and harms) of recreationally used drugs on mental health.

This survey was created by Imperial college, Prof D. Nutt, Dr R. Carhart-Harris and their team. According to the researchers, little is yet known about the effects on mental health of people who experiment with psychedelic substances. They are asking questions to gather information about potential usefulness for mental health of these new drugs and also to discover whether they have any unrecognised negative effects. Please click this link to participate in this recently launched online survey regarding psychoactive drugs and mental health.

Participants can fill in a different survey for each drug they want to say something about. Please only complete a survey if you have personal experience with a particular drug.

Responses will be treated as clinical information and are protected by medical confidentiality law. Your personal details will not be requested or stored.