ICPR 2012: Matthew Johnson – A Systematic Research Program Examining Psilocybin, Mystical Experience, Personality Change, Adverse Effects and Therapeutic Applications

This talk will describe several lines of research with psilocybin conducted by our laboratory at Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, USA). Completed study results to be presented include: the effects of different psilocybin doses on mystical experience and challenging effects (“bad trips”); the effects of psilocybin in altering personality (increased [...]

6 October 2012|

EARS: Brian Anderson – Ayahuasca in psychiatry: From psiquiatría folklórica to neuroimaging

This presentation analyzes from an anthropological perspective some of the ways that ayahuasca’s curative potentials have been portrayed in conventional psychiatry from the 1950s until today. Through considering seldom-cited and difficult-to-access publications and other forms of academic psychiatric productions, it is shown how different cultures within psychiatry have [...]

17 June 2011|

EARS: Rama Leclerc – The bridge of knowledge: Special links between Shipibo curanderismo and Westerner practices with ayahuasca

The Shipibo-Konibo people from the Peruvian Amazon are part of the Pano ethnolinguistic family. Distributed within more than one hundred villages, the inhabitants live along the Ucayali River and its tributaries, on both sides of Pucallpa city. The Shipibo women are recognized for their handicrafts (especially pottery and [...]

17 June 2011|

EARS: Janine Schmid – Self-therapy with ayahuasca

The often used term ‘healing ritual’ for nearly all kinds of ayahuasca rituals (Santo Daime rituals, neo-shamanistic rituals and even do-it-yourself-rituals) attracts people searching for an alternative method for treatment. In this study, fifteen people with first-hand experience with ayahuasca 'therapy' for a special disease (like chronic pain, [...]

17 June 2011|

EARS: Jörg Daumann – Pharmacological modulation of attentional processes in the DMT and ketamine model of psychosis

Deficits in attentional functions are counted among the core cognitive symptoms in schizophrenic patients. Pharmacologic challenges with hallucinogens have been used as models for psychosis. In this talk I give an overview of our studies on the pharmacological modulation of DMT and ketamine on different aspects of attentional [...]

17 June 2011|

Mind Altering Science: Joe Bicknell – Cognitive Phenomenology of the Psychedelic Experience

Psychedelic phenomenology deals with the phenomenal content of psychedelic tripping, thus phenomenology approaches psychedelics from the reverse direction of the scientific approach, because instead of looking at the structures of physical brain chemistry and drug chemistry as scientists do, phenomenologists instead examine the structures of consciousness itself. The [...]

24 October 2010|